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At WynutCre8, we believes in the motivation and inspiration of creative solution and design thinking for excellence.

WynutCre8 (why not create) is a campaign with a core objective; To foster design infused organizations and individuals in Africa. WynutCre8 has two departments. WynutCre8 Design Training Center and WynutCre8 Africa.

WynutCre8 DTC is a design training center that empowers individuals in functional and creative design from the basics. Using Adobe softwares, we offer training courses in brand and product design, info-graphic, flat illustration design, motion graphics and more.

WynutCre8 Africa is our content creation, development and marketing department. Our content is local and targets individual and cooperate brands, NGO’s and international organizations in Africa.


01. Digital Media Marketing and Advertising

Website design and management, social media management and mobile app marketing.

02. Video Production/Direction

Video creation, production and direction of interviews, weddings, ceremonial videos. Motion graphics and web animation videos.

03. Murals and graffiti 

Brand and behavioral change campaigns with Wall art, street and conceptual art.

04. Professional training and certification

Adobe certificate training. Graphic design (Visual communication), video creation/editing, digital media marketing and creative art.

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