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What you should know about creativity.

Creativity simply means being able to come up with something new, unique or different. Creativity is not a special gift endowed only upon a lucky few. It is for everyone and it is everywhere. Just as we were created, we are also born to create.

Everyone is creative.

Everyone is capable of creativity. The key to tapping into this creativity is understanding that our approaches to creativity differ in terms of level and style. Your creativity can reveal itself in so many ways: cooking, problem -solving, ideas, or even folding laundry. The trick is to see them as acts of creation. Once you’ve done that, you can continue to learn and grow in your creativity. 


IQ is not relevant to creativity.

The most intelligent individual is not the most creative. Coming up with a good idea has nothing to do with intelligence. Creativity can certainly exist without a high level of intelligence.

Being creative helps you become a better problem solver.

Creativity helps you see things differently and better deal with uncertainties. It expands our perception which comes with new ways of solving problems.

Creativity builds self confidence.

As a creative, you have to be willing to take risks, setting your mind on a win or lose outcome. Oh yes! Failure is not an option but part of the process of being better in our crafts. Therefore, engaging in the creative process is a great confidence builder.

Creativity makes life fun.

Creativity is what pushes passion, if you have fun doing it and it keeps you constantly thinking and trying to figure out a new and better way, then that is what you need to focus on. Creativity is what gets you excited every time you wake up in the morning and that makes life fun.

Never neglect creative outlet.

Creative outlet helps you fuel your creativity and makes you self-aware of things you never thought you can do. Whether it’s music, writing, or gardening, your creative outlet will help you create something special and meaningful from your experiences and really express yourself. 

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Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


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